The following are extracts from letters of thanks received from clients:


"I was completely amazed by my wife Ruth’s Christmas present of the extraordinary bust of Lily, and wanted to write to tell you how delighted and pleased I am with it.  It is an excellent likeness – but more than that, there is poetry and mysteriousness about it, which is quite entrancing.  You really are very talented. It will remind us of Lily now she is going away to University."


Philip (London)

"The portraits are much admired and your accuracy in representing Matthew and Katherine is more and more evident as they get older but still very recognizable. You made it good fun for them."


Elizabeth (Wiltshire)

"I just love Tom’s portrait.  I think it captures him body and soul, and it’s beautiful.  Already Tom, the boy, has grown away from this image and it gives me much pleasure to have such a tactile reinforcement of him at one point in his life."


Marihelen (Bedford)

"We visited the exhibition with Grandad yesterday.  He was interested in everything and very amused by his likeness!  It has all been quite an experience for him.  It is not often that one sees oneself as others do and we feel that it is an excellent likeness."


Mary (Northampton)

"As you know Jack died fairly recently and I wanted you to know how much it has meant to us to have a portrait bust in his likeness.  It is treasured by all the family and looks at us so calmly and serenely.  He seems to say: ‘All is well’.


It is good to know that he will live on in our memories.  From your first catching sight of him – almost accidentally – and suggesting a sitting, through to the finished portrait, which we proudly viewed with Jack at ‘The Castle’ exhibition, we consider we have been lucky to have this privilege."

Mary and Mike (Northampton)

"Very many thanks.  We’ll really enjoy your lovely work in our garden."


Caroline and Ian (Milton Keynes)